Over 80 Years of keeping Sydney Moving

Suttons have been keeping Sydney moving for over 80 years. That is over 80 years of an iconic household name synonymous with exceptional service, professionalism, innovation, and of course, vehicles.

Since 1943 when Suttons was established to service Australian Navy vehicles, and to today, offering servicing, parts, luxury cars, trucks and more, the family business behind “Sydney Trust Suttons' has grown exponentially. In the late 1940’s, Suttons purchased Suttons Motors Homebush to begin selling Bedford Trucks, and by the time TV had made its way to Australian shores in 1956, Suttons had grown a total of three car dealership sites spanning the reach of Sydney. By the mid 1970’s, Suttons was now well on its way to becoming the country’s largest Holden dealer in the 1980’s with five locations across Sydney.

Over the following years Suttons continued to grow, serving Sydney and becoming home to all your favourite vehicle brands. Today, Suttons is owned and operated the Suttons family and continues to offer the same excellent brand and service experience as a family dealer as Fred did back in 1943. Suttons has been through a lot and experienced the many changes and challenges of the 20th and 21st centuries, but its main core values have remained the same over the decades.

Suttons have kept Sydney families and businesses moving for over 80 years and counting.

Think Auto, Think Suttons.

Our Common Purpose

Suttons has been driven by a pioneering spirit of service and our culture has been shaped by our constant concern for people and our commitment to excellence.

Today, as we project forward into the future and look for ways to continuously improve and grow, we have developed a common purpose that will drive everything we do.

Our common purpose will act as a promise to our customers and a mission for our people.

It is everyone in the organisation intentionally taking some action or series of actions which are integrated and consistently aligned to the common goal.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the motor industry’s leading and most trusted family dealer, enhancing the lives of our customers, our people and the communities we serve.

  • Our vision is a shared, energising and vibrant description of our preferred future.
  • Our vision is what we aspire to become and how we want to be regarded by others.
  • Our vision will engage, inspire and focus our people towards its achievement and become a catalyst for all action.

Our Mission

We build lasting relationships by delivering exceptional brand and service experiences.

  • Our mission is a succinct explanation of what we want the customer’s experience to be at an emotional level.
  • Our mission is a benefit to be bestowed on our customers, the community and all stakeholders we come into contact with.
  • Our mission is a mantra to motivate our team, is clearly understood and translates into action.

A look through the years

  • 1943 – Suttons Motors Maintenance established in Vehicle maintenance servicing the Australian Navy vehicles
  • 1946 – Suttons Temora was established as an all-lines GM dealership selling Chevrolets, Buicks, Vauxhalls and more
  • 1948 – Suttons Homebush was established and sold Bedford Trucks
  • 1956 – Suttons Chullora site purchase
  • 1960’s – Carter Street purpose built to house and distribute Parts
  • 1968 – Suttons Arncliffe established
  • 1983 – Suttons acquired a Holden Dealership at Hornsby which was then known as Suttons Waitara.
    By the mid-80s Suttons was the largest holden dealer group with 5 locations in Sydney
  • 2023 – Today, Suttons is made up of a multitude of businesses from service, parts, cars, trucks, luxury vehicles and more, all keeping Sydney moving for the last 80 years and counting.

We’re here for you

Whether you’re looking for a new car for the family, or a new truck for the business; or even just a local service centre for your scheduled maintenance and repairs, Suttons have multiple locations across Sydney that can help you with all your motoring needs.

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When you grow, we grow

Working for Suttons can offer excellent career opportunities, a supportive work environment, and the chance to be part of a team committed to delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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