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Suttons Auto Protection Plan

Know your cover

We are dedicated to providing our Suttons Auto Protection Plan members with the cover that they have purchased. However, there are differences to the cover provided for those purchases before 1st July 2019, from those who purchased on or after 1st July 2019. If you are unsure of your cover, please review your documentation or contact the dealership that supplied your membership.

Suttons Mechanical Protection Plan

Eligible vehicles sold from Suttons locations have a Suttons Mechanical Protection Plan, and this provides our customers with valuable additional protection.  Each Suttons Mechanical Protection Plan has specified claim limits and total claim limits [as provided in the documents at time of sale]. To keep your Suttons Mechanical Protection Plan valid ‘vehicle servicing’ must be completed at a Suttons location in line with the manufacturer's servicing specifications.

What is Suttons Auto Protection Plan?

The Suttons Auto Protection Plan provides you with added protection AFTER the Dealership's Statutory Warranty has expired and helps protect the value of your Vehicle through consistent, regular servicing.

Why choose Suttons Auto Protection Plan?

  • Quality repairs are performed by qualified technicians with the latest technology and equipment.
  • You are dealing with a reputable dealership Group that you know and can trust.
  • Customer satisfaction is the aim of the Suttons Auto Protection Plan.
  • Easy to claim — simply call a Suttons service centre.
  • At claim time, you have the reassurance that is provided by our determination to retain you as a client when you next purchase a car.

National Roadside Assist

Do you need assistance?
The National Roadside Assist team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted via their app, phone or website:
Already a member?
Make sure to download the National Roadside Assist app for quick access to member benefits and other features to help get the most from your membership.
Terms & Conditions

To keep your National Roadside Assistance Plan valid ‘vehicle servicing’ must be completed at an Authorised Suttons location in line with the manufacturer's servicing specifications.  You can renew your National Roadside Assistance Plan yearly, [in line with SAPP Policy], by simply returning your vehicle to your Authorised Suttons Service Center for its annual scheduled services. Each time you do, you’ll be enrolled for a further year of Roadside Assistance. Your membership will remain valid for one year following your scheduled service, and will be renewed if Authorised Suttons Service Center completes your next scheduled serviced within one year.  

Service Booking Request

At all Suttons dealerships, we provide you with a relaxing environment to drop off your vehicle or wait for your service/repair to be completed. The professional team at Suttons knows your vehicle inside and out so if you need your car serviced, speak with our team or request a service booking online.

Request Booking

SAPP Benefits commence from when you collect your new vehicle and will remain valid while you meet the conditions of your Mechanical Protection Plan. The National Roadside Assist policy is not transferable to another vehicle or another owner.